Aerial Arts

Aerial Hoop & Aerial Silks 

The Aerial Hoop is an extremely dynamic apparatus, being a circular steel ring that provides the perfect frame for your acrobatic moves. 

Aerial silks is a type of performance where aerialists perform acrobatics while hanging from the silks. 

Whilst they both may seem like daunting pieces of apparatus, we stand by our key tenets of making it accessible to every aspiring aerialist at each stage of their training whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience.  

The classes require a skilful balance of strength, stamina and flexibility, something which you will progressively work on during the class so don't worry if you haven't got these skills yet- the aerial classes are particularly exceptional in toning on upper body muscle groups, improving your range of motion and active flexibility.

Classes suitable from ages 6+ 

4pm-5pm: Beginners Silks
5pm-6pm: Improvers Silks 

4pm-5pm: Beginners Hoop
5pm-6pm: Intermediate Hoop
6pm-7pm: Advanced Hoop
8pm-9pm: ADULT Aerial class (Mixed Ability)