The Yoga Lounge

“Your mind is a garden and your
thoughts are the seeds
You can choose to grow flowers or
you can choose to grow weeds”



We are a judgement-free zone - no one cares about how 'good' or 'bad' you are here! This is YOUR time and space to just BE. Family vibes, Hugs encouraged. Chatting to your neighbour before class is the norm, or sit and just BE. Care and attention is given to the whole surrounding environment to create a sensory, immersive experience: with gentle lighting, candles, incense, a carefully selected playlist designed to move you into a deeper state of relaxation and a relaxing essential oils massage to bring the practice to a close....mmmmm

Physically- Expect your strength, fitness levels and flexibility to improve! Classes can be as easy or as hard as YOU MAKE THEM.

Mentally- Expect to be able to face lift off the mat with an increasing sense of peace & calm. Stress won't seem so stressful. Things that used to bother you won't seem to matter so much. Positive thoughts will replace the negative ones and you won't snap next time someone asks you the same question four times!!

Bring your own equipment, or use ours!!  

Level 1 Yoga: These classes are suitable for those who are completely new to yoga, or for those wanting to revist or build on yoga foundations. 

Level 2 Yoga: Whilst the dynamic flows in our level 2 classes will offer options throughout suited to beginners - advanced, this class will assume a basic understanding of the yoga foundatinal principles.