Dance Timetable

all our classes are set into age categories to help give an idea on which classes would be best suited. However, we tend to base our classes on ability rather than age, so please contact us if you need any help.  

•tots (age 3-6)
• mini (age 7-9)
• junior (9-12) 
• senior (13+)  


4pm-5pm: Boys Breakdance (Age 7+) 

5pm- 6pm: Junior/Senior Street dance (Intermediate)

 5-6pm: Senior Jazz technique (Inter/Adv)

6pm-7pm: Mini/Junior Jazz Technique (Improvers) 

6pm- 7pm:  Senior Street dance Advanced


4pm-5pm: Aerial Silks (Beginners)

5pm-6pm: Aerial Silks (intermediate)
6pm-7pm: Senior Acrobatic Arts (Advanced)



4pm-5pm: Mini/Junior Street Dance (beginners)

 4pm-5pm: Junior Contemporary (intermediate)

5pm-6pm: Mini/Junior Contemporary (beginners) 

6pm-7pm: Senior Contemporay (Inters/Adv)



4pm-5pm: Aerial Hoop (Beginners) 

5pm-6pm: Aerial Hoop (Intermediate) 

6pm-7pm: Aerial Hoop (Advanced) 
8pm-9pm: Adults Hoop & Silks (All abilities) 

5pm-9pm LATIN & BALLROOM for kids/ adults

(enquire for times)


4pm-5pm Mini/Junior Acrobatic Arts (Beginners)

5pm-6pm: Mini/Junior Acrobatic Arts (intermediate) 


9.30am Tots Dance & Acro (3+)
9:30am-11am- Mini Dance & Acro (5+)